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Big Jade Gemstone

Big Piece Of Jade Rough, Seen In Thailand 

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This is a big jade gem stone piece, the maximum height of this piece is around 2 feet (24 inches). The large jade stone was photographed in a Thai temple situated on a hill top. Seeing the impressive setting in which this big jade stone is placed, it is quite obvious that the stone is not going to be cut and polished into smaller pieces. The important thing is that, it is not for sale and is kept on display at the temple.

If you observe the bottom portion of this jade gemstone, you will notice that it is placed on a very sturdy wooden table. The table is made of solid wood and is customized to precisely hold the base of the jade rock that is kept on it. The top of the wooden table takes the shape of the stone, it has to be a very strong table to take the bulky weight of the jade.

big jade rough gemstone seen in Thailand
A big jade gem stone, this huge piece of rough green jade was seen in a temple in Thailand. The big jade stone shown here was obviously not going to be cut and polished into smaller gemstones. A solid wood table was made precisely to take the shape of the base. The table can be partially seen in the image. The portions of jade exposed in this large piece show that the rough jade stone could yield good quality jade. It is preserved in the temple and is obviously not for sale. The maximum height of this huge jade stone is around 2 feet (25 inches) the width is a little larger than that.

Given that Burma is just across the Thai border, it can be safely presumed that this amazing piece of jade gemstone has been procured from Burma. The rough jade gemstone seems to be densely packed and the color exposed in the rough would suggests that it would yield some fine quality cut jade gems. This ofcourse is not of much interest since the rough stone is preserved in the temple for visitors to see and admire. A smaller piece of jade rough is placed closed to this huge stone.

Until 2010 year end, trade bans exist on Burmese rubies and jade. For some reason, spinels from Burma have been spared of the embargo. The  United States of America has initiated and implemented this trade ban, to show it's displeasure at the human rights situation in Burma. The trade ban has not completely stopped the trade in Burmese jade and ruby but it has caused tremendous hardships to the poor gem cutters and mine workers in Burma.

Talking about jade, much of the stone used in the jewelry industry today comes from China. Many claim that it is rough Burmese jade that is imported to China and then processed as "Made in China". Almost all the jade used in commercial jewelry is dyed to enhance color. The big jade rough stone shown in the image is to be admired as, the impressive color is natural and has not been derived by any treatment. There is no known mine in Thailand producing jade in the form of jadeite or nephrite. Since this piece of rough jade stone is very old, it would have been brought from Burma rather than China.

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